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The Tests


During the theory test element you will get 50 questions at random. You will need to get 43 out of 50 correct to gain a pass. To practice for your theory test you can get various books and CDs at low cost to revise. The best and easiest way for most people is to download the app to your phone. Prior to taking the test you can run a mock test on your phone / laptop / PC to find out how well you are progressing and whether you would pass or not. When you are consistently getting above the pass mark you are ready to take the theory test.

During the hazard perception element you will get 14 video clips containing various hazards. Each time you see a hazard you click the mouse, the sooner you click the mouse the higher score you will receive. The maximum points score is 75 points and you need 44 points to achieve a pass. You can also do mock tests on your phone / laptop / PC to find out whether you would pass or not. When you are passing these on a regular basis you are ready to take the hazard perception test.

You take both parts on the same day at your local theory test centre and the current cost is £23. You must pass both parts at the same time to gain an overall pass.


To driving test will last approximately 38 – 40 minutes and will include one reversing manouvere, a section of independent driving or following a sat nav and possibly an emergency stop. All of these will have been previously covered on your driving lessons. Just before the test, the examiner will check your eyesight by asking you to read a car number plate, then ask you two brief and easy questions about car maintenance, again you will have previously have covered these on your lessons. During your test you can get a maximum of 15 driving faults and pass, anymore than 15 would result in a fail. If you get 1 serious or dangerous fault this would also result in a fail. After the test the examiner will give you your result and any relevant help or advice whether you pass or fail. The current driving test costs £62 weekdays and £75 weekends subject to availability.

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