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Beginners Course

Ideal for novice drivers who have never driven before and want to try driving at a discounted price. On your beginners course you will typically start in a quiet area, get comfortable with the car and all of it’s controls, then try basic moving off and stopping exercises. After this you will then progress onto steering, changing gears and basic junctions.

Pass Plus

After you gain your full license this is a short 6 hour course which gives you experience on things like motorways, planning long journeys and rest stops, dual carriageways, night driving, all weather driving, town centre driving and country roads. The benefit of doing this extra training offers you greater confidence, safer driving, more experience and because of this a lot of insurance companies offer big discounts to new drivers and especially younger drivers.

Motorway Lessons

A good option for anyone who has recently passed and may have never experienced motorways or be planning a long journey. Help and advice is available on safer driving on busier, unfamiliar roads, planning the journey and planning rest breaks.

Semi Intensive/ Intensive Course

Various packages tailored and priced to suit your individual needs, prices can be quoted with or without theory test and practical test fees, anywhere between 10 hours and 40 hours tuition.

Fleet Training

Recent changes in legislation made the corporate manslaughter law compulsory for employers to have their employees driving assessed for safety in the work place. This includes anyone driving for work purposes. After a short assessment of employees driving, hopefully you will see benefits in the following areas, reduction in days lost to sickness through injury, reduction in fuel costs, reduction in insurance costs, reduction in vehicle maintenance costs, safer and more considerate drivers improving company image, reduced stress levels on the road, enhanced driving skills. You could save upto £1000 per vehicle per year, upto £500 of that in fuel alone. 65% of all road traffic accidents involve a vehicle on work related duties. 95% of all accidents are human error. Call for further info and prices.

Eco Safe

Would you like to save money on fuel? Maintenance? Insurance? As well as improving your safety and enhance your driving skills? This is aimed at full license holders who would like to update their driving techniques to a more modern method from when they passed their driving test. Some simple easy changes could save you hundreds of pounds per year.

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Enhanced driving skills
  • Safer driving
  • Lower risk of accident
  • Average driver can save between 10 – 15 % of fuel bill per year
  • Average driver saves upto £250 per year or every 12000 miles.
  • Drivers who undertake some form of advanced training can improve their accident rate by upto 75%.

Advanced Driving

For full license holders who would like to read the road better, enhance and improve current skills, improve road safety, learn defensive driving skills, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase your ability and confidence, reduce insurance premiums, reduce stress levels and improve road skills and knowledge. Advanced drivers are 50% – 75% less likely to cause an accident.

Refresher Course

For anyone who may not have driven for a while but wishes to refresh already existing skills and gain confidence to return to the road.

All Weather Driving

Tips and advice on driving techniques that could give you more confidence to drive in extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice, strong winds, heavy rain, bright sun etc. Really good for pupils who may have learned in the summer months and want experience in winter conditions.

Parking Lessons

Do you struggle to park between cars / tight spaces in the street or in bays in car parks? or maybe struggle to get in or out of your driveway? Help, advice and practice is available to make life easier for you in these situations.

Special Offers

  • Beginners course of 4 hours £40.
  • Block booking discounts.
  • Refer a friend and recieve a FREE lesson.


  • As of 2008 it has been compulsory for companies to extend health and safety laws from the work place to the roads.
  • The reason for this is employees driving for work related purposes are still technically in the workplace out on the road in their work vehicle.
  • This means you as the employer have a duty of care to make sure that employee is as safe as possible to themselves and others on the road.
  • If an employer fails to do this, under the corporate manslaughter act of 1974 they could face unlimited fines, prosecution or even forced to close down in serious cases.
  • Statistically drivers on work related duties have 2 – 3 times more chance of being involved in an accident than the average driver.
  • 40% of drivers on the road are driving for work related purposes.
  • This includes company car drivers, van drivers, lease drivers and those using there own vehicle for work duties.
  • 65% of road accidents come from that 40% driving on work related duties.
  • Motorists who undertake some form of advanced training reduce their accident rate by upto 75%.


  • Reduced fuel costs – Up to £500 per driver per year or 25,000 miles.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – Up to £150 per vehicle per year.
  • Reduced accident costs – Up to £150 per vehicle.
  • Good driving attitude and techniques promote a positive company image.
  • Fewer accidents could reduce insurance premiums.
  • Eco safe driving helps the environment.
  • Reduced time lost and costs incurred through vehicles being off the road for repair and maintenance.
  • Reduced risk of prosecution.
  • Improved road safety.
  • Reduced stress levels.
  • Enhanced driving skills.
  • Reduced time lost due to employee sickness and injury.

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